Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sidewalk A

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The SmugMug Daily Photo Community has started a new Sunday challenge.  This time, we are looking for letters of the alphabet again, BUT the idea is to post a photo of a letter that is not an actual letter.  The item photographed should be in the shape of a letter.  It is not critical to go in order, but I'll try.  Also, I'll take letters as I find them and not necessarily the day before or actual post day.  I've started a gallery to keep track of all my 'raw' letter shots.  At some point, I'll create a gallery with the best and finalized pictures.  I intend to have a color and B&W of each letter too. For the 27th week, the idea will be to post a word made out of the letters (i.e., LOVE).  If folks are stuck, they can look at alphabet photo galleries on Google that others have done for ideas as well as just take a shot of a sign letter.  So far, I am thinking R will be the hardest letter.  I thought Q might be, but then I stumbled across a reasonable Q.

Today's daily alphabet shot is of an A taken in the sidewalk at the NC Zoo on Friday.  Joey spotted it!  It was fun at the museum and zoo this last week to get the kids and Aunt Debbie involved in looking for letters.

Originally, I was going to post a shot of this Lego brick bridge piece that looks like an A, but it was kindof boring as a still object.  Or at least I couldn't make it interesting.

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Donnie had this great idea to throw the letter in front of a blue sky, and we gave it a good go, but it was pretty hard, and I ended up liking the sidewalk crack shot better.  The A in the sky shots turned out not in the right direction, blurry, sky went cloudy, etc.  Plus the A was awfully small in the frame.

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Go Broncos!

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