Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dreaming of the Beach

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Another shot from our beach trip on Monday.  I loved how naturally silver this shot turned out sooc.  I also liked the shadow.  That's Johnny running towards me.  There's another shot where I caught he walking sideways in front of me and where his feet/legs show motion nicely, but it was blurry:-(

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This shot that also shows the texture of the wind blown sand is also interesting I think.

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The boys and I were at Yates Mill yesterday, and I captured this neat shadow picture of me up on the boardwalk.

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Their yearly Mill as Muse photo contest deadline is 2/2.  I don't think I have a photo this year worthy of entry, so I don't think I'll participate this year.  Better get busy for next year!

Snow south of Raleigh last night was a complete bust:-(

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