Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Resting Train

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There's an interesting story behind this picture.  The boys and I were out running errands, and it was rainy and around 50 degrees.  I have been taking and posting a few weather related pictures to this app called Wezzoo.  It's kindof cool, if you have interesting weather, or not, you can share a picture of it with other like-minded weather folks all over the world.  It's kindof like Instagram but just for weather.  So, I decided the train would be a good addition to my weather shot of the rain and gray sky.  The boys and I love trains, and we often stop to visit these trains on the track in Fuquay-Varina.  So, we're sitting in the car in a restaurant parking lot talking about the train, and I'm taking pictures.  I think I hear the train engine start and then the engineer blow the horn.  I'm trying to get Johnny to notice the engine noise.  Johnny is trying to tell me there's a garbage truck behind us.  OK, but hear the train?  Next thing I know, there is a really loud toot from the garbage truck horn.  OH!  There's a garbage truck behind us and he wants to get to the large bin in front of me.  Oops.  I move...  Needless to say, our train watching was over for the day!

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