Monday, January 13, 2014

Barn in the Late Day Sun

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I pass this barn every day as I come and go from Fuquay-Varina to our home.  I have often wanted to take a picture of it, but the distance across the field, the trees growing up in front of it, and the light have lessened my enthusiasm.  Yesterday I noticed the late day light really warming up the westerly side of the barn, and I decided I should stop and try to take a worthwhile pic.  I took quite a few far away and close-up.  Vertical and horizontal.  Bracketed and regular.  Donnie helped me review what I had and said he liked the vertical I've posted as my daily the best.  I kindof like the horizontal faded version below.  I'm not really happy with any of them, but I am glad I stopped to try to get a good shot anyway.

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