Friday, December 6, 2013

Way Out West

We had the pleasure of watching Joey perform at his school on Tuesday night after a PTA meeting. The theme of the production was Way Out West, and the kids sang a series of songs about America's westward expansion including Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea.

Here is a collage showing several pictures I took during the performance.

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Joey also belongs to the Storytellers club at school, and the shot lower left shows him narrating part of the program.

The 5th graders made the western style wagon art in their art class for the backdrop.  I took a picture of Joey's purple wagon.

And here are two short videos showcasing some of the songs.



Joey is also an AM Panther Ambassador for the next three weeks.  That means he wears a safety vest and stands to greet kids in the carpool drop-off line.  There are 6 spots for drop-off, Panther Paw, and they usually have 4 kids and 2 teachers out there.  There is another group of kids that do PM.  Johnny and I have to go through the line while he's out there, and we were lucky enough to get him Thursday morning.  He was proud and embarrassed at the same time:-) especially with mom taking pics.

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That's Johnny with his green book bag in the background.

It's been a real family effort this week to get out the door an extra 20 minutes early each morning. Definitely worth it to give Joey this opportunity but nothing relaxed about the morning rush right now.

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