Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Star Tree

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Let me give credit where credit is due here.  I got this idea from John Bennett of Light and Dreams Photography.  I remember John taking shots like this last year and me trying to replicate the technique with no success.  Then I saw his shots this year and tried again also with no success.  After corresponding with John and Donnie watching my technique, I was able to understand that I needed to make VERY small movements with the camera.  This is not like the kids standing in front of me with glow sticks making letters with big motions.  This is about fine short barely moving at all type movements.  Even with understanding the technique, it was still really hard to get the stars just right.  The beginning and end are hard to line up.

Used manual mode with a 5 second exposure f8 ISO 100 on my dad's 40D.  I'm sure this will work with my S3 or SX40 now that I understand how to move the camera.

When this doesn't work, it's obvious.  You get nothing but streaks of light across the screen and no shape at all.

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