Thursday, October 10, 2013

Future Scientists

The boys and I went to the Nature Research Center, part of the Museum of Natural Sciences, in Raleigh on Tuesday.  They have several lab areas in the building where the kids can do hands-on activities.  In this lab, the students get to do various experiments.  Pictured, they are trying to decide if liquid A in the red container or liquid B in the blue container is iodine.  One is, and the other is just purple water.  They are told that iodine will turn cornstarch purple.  To do the experiment, they used a fancy mixer to mix cornstarch and water in two small vials.  Then they added liquid A to one vial and liquid B to the other.  Next, a centrifuge was used to separate the cornstarch from the water again.  Vial B still looked all purple, but in vial A just the cornstartch was purple indicating that liquid A was iodine.  Pretty cool!

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