Monday, September 2, 2013

NCMLS Is Going Ducky!

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The boys and I visited the Museum of Life and Science in Durham on Saturday.  It had been WAY too long since we'd been there, and it sure felt good to be back!

The museum did not have any special events going on during our visit, and attendance was down a bit due to the Labor Day Weekend holiday.  That meant we were able to enjoy everything and take our time with all the exhibits.

My daily picture was taken in the Explore the Wild wetlands.  The museum is having  fundraiser where you buy small rubber ducks and then race them at  special event in October.  To advertise this, they've installed 3 huge inflatable rubber ducks in the wetlands.  The mother duck is 13' tall!  The baby ducks are 8'.  The boys were amazed and mom really enjoyed trying to get a good picture of them.

Here is a collgeof other pictures that highlight out day.  They have a new flight/wind section downstairs in the main building.  The boys enjoyed making airplanes and using the air powered launcher.  We had a great time in the butterfly house.  Isn't the Blue Morphos pretty?!?  Loved Joey and his shadow!  They had a new movie making station upstairs in the main building.  The boys were able to take a pic, move the characters around, and take another pic.  Then they could adjust the frame rate to see what it looked like.  Pretty neat!  We saw the Alpacas and thought they were cute.  I got a picture of the boys on the butterfly seat outside the Magic Wings Butterfly House.  Boy have they grown since the first picture I took there!   We even got to see Ms. Nancy and do cool flotation experiment in The Lab.

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All in all it was a very fun day!  We're planning to go back again soon!

Check out this blast from the past (2007 with Jacob and Timmy)!

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And, from 2006!

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Guess I need to put together an album or collage of just butterfly seat pics:-)

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