Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunflower and Bees

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I was out and about this afternoon.  Joey had a dental appt., and we did our regular Tuesday shopping.  I noticed a patch of sunflowers last week when we were in the area and decided I was going to make time this week to take a few pics. Here is the result.  I used Color Efex Pro to brighten the center and to bring out the details on the sunflower but I didn't like the extra details on the background.  I grabbed the sunflower with the quick select tool to pull it off the modified background.  This left me with the enhanced sunflower but original background.  I decided to add some green tint to the original background. The result should be a crisp and well detailed sunflower but a nicely green and blurred background.  The extra detail on the background just didn't work well but looked nice on the flower. I've used this technique before.

On another sunflower patch nearby, I saw some goldfinch.  Super cool.  Joey was excited too.  It was neat to watch them swoop down and eat seeds.

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