Monday, August 12, 2013

Purple Glory

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It's usually August before I see my first morning glory each summer. Seems late, but year after year that's the way it is in central NC. Those seeds have such hard shells, I guess it takes that long before they can germinate. Anyway, I finally spotted a few alongside the road where I usually see them, Barber Bridge, and I stopped this morning after dropping the boys off at school to take a few pics. I have to be VERY careful not to step on fire ant mounds or get too close to the poison ivy that is also in the area. I always look for blossoms up high with nothing too close behind them so I can isolate the bloom and try to get a nice background. The light wasn't as magical as I would have liked this morning, but I loved the deep purple color just the same.

Here's the view up the road.

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Here's the view into the field including a SP.

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I never tire of stopping at this spot and seeing what's worth photographing.

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