Friday, August 23, 2013

Orange Sulfur Mated Pair

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I chased some sulfur butterflies around a field yesterday:-)  They were everywhere, but they are so small and there are so many fire ant mounds to try to avoid...sigh.  I sure was pleased when I caught this mated pair and got a picture.  This is a first for me!

This guy was in the field too.  He flew several times and then landed so I could get a shot.  How nice of him to pose for me!

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Here are 10 cool facts about grasshoppers.  I definitely learned something new.

We're having another yard sale tomorrow at my old house.  This is the last of the last.  Just a few more items in the shed to move out.  We'll be ready to paint the garage this coming week.  We've contacted a roofer and someone to paint the outside.  Lots of little tasks left to do, and we're working on it daily, but we're getting there.

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