Monday, August 19, 2013

Fluttering with Friends

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Another one of the butterfly shots I took yesterday.  The butterfly bushes at Donnie's house, guess it's time to just say my house, are huge and finishing up for the year, but there are at least 5 butterflies out there at all times.  Today I noted 3-4 black and 3-4 yellow swallowtails all fluttering about at the same time.  Add in the silver spotted skippers, the butterfly type moths, and the bees and the bushes are incredibly busy with life.  On one side of the bushes they are ground level, and on the other side I am 5' below them.  This shot was on the low side looking up at the sky for the  nice blue sky background. They kept landing on this one flower out in the open.  I may have to try to get up under this flower on ground level if I can. Always striving for that one better butterfly shot.

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