Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tulips at Duke Gardens

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I realized this past week kindof all of a sudden that the tulips were in bloom at Duke Gardens.  We've been working so hard on our house consolidation/move that I wasn't paying much attention.  Donnie and I tried to go Thursday, but we had a wet and chilly day and even if I could have tolerated the weather I wouldn't have gotten any good pictures.  So, we made a date to go yesterday.  There's something so special about spring and flowers that shine in all their glory for only a few short days each spring.  I had the best time and kept telling Donnie that he did great getting me over there.  The boys are with their dad this week, so there were no interruptions.  I got over 300 tulip shots plus a great blue heron with a fish, a gorgeous wood duck, other pretty flowers and birds, and maybe most important of all some shots of us.  I've definitely had my spring fix now although I'm also wondering where the next pretty flower shots will be.

I'll be sharing more Duke Gardens shots this week.  For now, a few of Donnie that I took and really like.

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