Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Heron and Fish

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This is another shot from my trip to Duke Gardens on Saturday.  After getting the Mandarin Duck shot, I circled back around and Donnie motioned that the Great Blue Heron was posing on the bank of the pond out in plain sight.  Several photographers were lined up taking shots, and this GBH was quite the entertainer. He ate this fish then got another and for some reason tossed that one back.  It was smaller.  Maybe not big enough to eat?  It was exciting because I was maybe 10' from him.  I think he'd have let me walk closer but I didn't want to risk scaring him away.

I am pretty sure this is the same heron I took a picture of back in April of 2009 (see picture below). This guy has no fear and will come quite close to people.

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