Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Donnie!

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The fan went out in my ThinkPad T60.  Those fans are prone to failure.  Last time the machine was still under warranty and I got a new one.  This time the warranty was past, so Donnie ordered a part on eBay and got some help from a YouTube video to fix it.  That machine is my major picture processing machine, so I am very glad to have it back:-)

OK, so the daily photo is not about Donnie's birthday, but the collage below is.  Happy Birthday to the best guy ever!

In the middle of the collage, Johnny is excited to give Mr. Don a Matchbox Scion xB just like his real xB.  I am irritated that somehow that picture is messed up.  Look at the fade on the right side.  I don't know what happened.  The boys and I made homemade cards, the Gadget Man got a new gadget, and not pictured were some short sleeve yellow running shirts to fit his slim downed look and keep him safe on his runs.

Carrot cake in the oven and London Broil on the grill later.

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