Sunday, February 17, 2013

Celery Roses

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I saw a picture of Facebook this last week showing how to use the root end of a head of celery to create roses with paint.  Johnny has a new assignment for school.  Apparently the whole elementary school is involved in an economics lesson on supply and demand.  Johnny needs to make some 'goods' for his class and do some good deeds around the school to earn buying power.  The kids will then have a sale where they can buy each other's goods.  One of the suggested items to make, and we have to make 19 of them, was greeting cards.  We made used the celery stub to try to make rose cards (5)  last night, and it turned out pretty cool.  We'll finish them today with Happy Mother's Day stamps and other flower stamps or drawings.  I plan to help him come up with 3 other card themes (5 each) until we have his goods done.  We have until March 1st.

Pictured in the daily is one I tried using a single celery stalk (at Donnie's suggestions and using both the long and short ends).  We decorated the envelopes too.

I put out a bit too much paint out, and Johnny made good use of it doing some other Easter and Family drawings.  I had Donnie and Johnny do the hand prints for me too.  Donnie's first time finger painting:-)

I did the lower leftmost picture of the 3 eggs.  I used pot scrubber egg-shaped sponges to make the egg shapes.

I was really impressed with Johnny's Easter Bunny in the lower rightmost picture.

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