Friday, November 9, 2012


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If you needed some work done around your house, wouldn't you want this crew to show up?  The wireless signal form downstairs is often weak upstairs, so Donnie decided to add a router upstairs.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, not so much.  He had to drill a hole through the garage foundation to get the cables (Satellite and cable) into the house in a new spot.

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The cables then went along the garage wall and then up through the ceiling into the floor, storage area, wall, and attic of the bonus room above.

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Once in the attic, the cables then came back down in the wall right behind the TV where Donnie installed a new outlet.

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We were in trouble for a minute pulling the 'snake' out of the wall where the new outlet is.  Donnie was in the attic pushing it down, and I had my hand in the wall trying to pull it out, but I couldn't reach it.  My wrist was too big to turn flat inside the wall.  Johnny to the rescue.  His arm and wrist were small enough to make the turn, grab the snake, and pull it out.  Teamwork!  I wish I had the picture of his face after he did that.  Too busy in the moment.

Not only did Donnie do a great job installing the new router and relocating a poorly installed satellite cable, but he also gave Johnny the pride of helping and learning some new things.

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