Saturday, September 8, 2012

Through the Fence

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Driving by Horses for Hope today which is not far from my house, I saw these horses grazing in a field and asked Donnie to turn around.  I don't have very many horse pictures in my daily gallery.  I liked how they were paired together and the pretty light and yellow flowers.  Of course Donnie obliged by dropping me off along the side of the road and circling around a few minutes later to pick me back up.  I thought this was the best of the bunch and applied an Orton filter and a detail enhancer.  Nothing like smoothing it out to strengthen it back up.  Sometimes it works.

Janet, a former coworker and friend of mine and Donnie's, is the Executive Director of Horse and Buddy another local non-profit that connects special needs kids and therapy horses. It's great to have these dedicated programs in our area. I think they are wonderful. Donnie, the boys, and I hope to see Janet and more horses at Horse and Buddy's 3rd annual Fall Festival/Horse show later this month.