Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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The sky opened up yesterday afternoon on the middle East Coast. I am sure we had 3 inches of rain in an hour in the Raleigh area.  It was intense!  Along with that, we had tornado warnings and watches.  The kids were sent into the hallway at school and told to put their head between their knees twice.  The carpool line at school was delayed for 20-30 minutes.  Not a good scene with parents stuck in the parking lot.  I didn't feel the need to run into the school for cover but could have I guess if Id felt the need.  When the kids finally got into the car, they were all hyped up with their stories of the storm.  And when we got home, we had to get Blaze out of her hiding spot behind the TV and console her.

Later on in the evening, I was in Fuquay getting Johnny's Little League pictures taken, and Donnie ran into Raleigh to run an errand for us.  Clearing started, and on our rides home, we were treated to a vibrant sunset and a rainbow.  My daily is a picture Donnie stopped to take.  He was both teasing me that he got the rainbow shot and that I didn't and making sure he had the shot to share with me...thinking of me...doing what he knew I would have done if I'd been there...capturing the moment.   Donnie did great stopping to get the shot for his girl!  I fussed a bit about his very tiny iPod Touch picture but you have to use what you have available.

I took his picture and ran it through several filters in Color Efex Pro, cloned out the light pole in the leftmost lower tree clump, darkened the shadows, cropped to 8X10 size, and ran the Noiseware filter on it.  That way I felt I could post it as a daily;-)  Maybe I should have ran it through OnOne's Perfect Resize to make it bigger.  I still can if I want to print it.

Here's the original.

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This is the best sunset shot I got.

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