Thursday, September 13, 2012

Harvest Time

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Cooler temps are here, and so is fall harvest.  Sweet potatoes are being harvested in the local fields this week. Notice that this is a Porter Farms field.

As the file name would indicate, I pp'ed this image.  I just had to add a bit of blue to the sky.  Adding details also allowed you to see the truck driver better.  A Lomo filter upped the intensity of color too.

Not sure if I said, but the boys are playing baseball again this fall. Here's a picture at the end of Johnny's game last night. Johnny is in green and #12. His team, the Lugnuts, lost but the kids had a fun time playing anyway. I was in the dugout hearding the cats, um, I mean kids. Donnie is in the yellow shirt top of the picture helping run the scoreboard. (Didn't mean to chop off his head...)

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Here's Johnny batting.

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