Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Storm Cloud

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A picture of a storm cloud taken on our way home from a grocery shopping trip yesterday.  I liked how the rain appeared to be coming down out of the cloud.  Most of the storm was past by the time I took this image.  Boy was I glad Donnie was driving.  The rain and sky were quite intense for parts of our trip.  I measured 3 inches in the rain gauge at least over the last 5 days.

I used Color Efex Pro to enhance the details on the shot. I used Noiseware to remove noise.  I did an hdr version, and I pulled out a few details from the hdr image layered on top of the Color Efex Pro image to add a few more details (whitest area of picture).  I also cropped to 8X10 and adjusted the curve in the grass with the clone tool.  Not my best shot or best pp work but am improvement over the original I think.

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