Thursday, July 26, 2012

Omlette Anyone?

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Donnie made breakfast yesterday. Look at that omlette he made Johnny! Mushrooms sauteed in butter and then folded on top one egg with Wisconsin cheddar cheese and some Canadian Bacon and a strip of real bacon too. Yum!  Donnie recently got us this de Buyer Blue Steel Crepe Pan from Williams and Sonoma. We read the reviews saying that it works well on eggs, and it does.  Specifically, the 24cm works great on 1 or 2 eggs.  Donnie found 3 eggs at a time to be a bit too much.  We eat eggs everyday now.  Such a great nutritional food wrongly avoided for cholestoral in our opinion.  And, our eggs come from a local source not the grocery store.  The eggs vary in size and color and are ever so yummy!

Four days and counting until the boys start their next school year.  In the meantime on these hot summer days we've continued to teach the boys card games.  Yesterday we added Spoons.  What a hilarious game!  We had a blast!  Donnie shared some happy memories of playing this game as a child with his brother.  He said sometimes at Thanksgiving there would be 13 spoons on the table making it easier to sneak 1 or more out of the pile without anyone noticing.  The most complex game we've taught them is Rummey.  We're running out of new games to teach them that are kid friendly.  They keep asking us to look up Trash.

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I also captured this American Lady butterfly on my lantana at the mailbox.

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