Monday, July 30, 2012

Mystery Dragon

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First let me start off by wishing Johnny a happy 8th birthday today!  We celebrated last night because today is the first day of the boys' new school year (year round), and I felt it would be too hectic to celebrate today.  He's into Pokemon and likes Wall-E and received a few gifts on those themes.  I made organic brownies, and we each had just one.  It was the first sweet in over 3 months.  Interesting how the kids accepted that it was a real treat instead of just one more sweet in the long list of sweets.  Progress!  I had trouble uploading the brownie/singing happy birthday video. I'll share tomorrow.  Here's one picture of him with his brownie.

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My daily is a dragonfly picture that I took Saturday.  I cost me 6 mosquito bites, so I had to post it.  I've never seen this variety before, and after spending 30 minutes trying to ID it, I still don't have one.  I posted to BugGuide.  If I hear back I'll update this text.  OK, it's a Blue-Faced Meadowhawk.

The hummers are back in full force at my house.  The light is always so low in my yard:-(  I snapped this picture just out the kitchen window anyway.  Darn stick in the way...  Female rebuy throated as far as I know.

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