Monday, July 9, 2012

Jennifer in the Hot July Heat

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All vacations need a down day, right?  Well that's what yesterday ended up being for Jennifer.  It was 101 at the house again, and Donnie and I stayed inside most of the day.  I gave Jennifer a great view for watching DVR'ed Nascar and Wimbledon and the movie Timeless.  I have this large window upstairs in the garage bonus room where the good TV is.  There's a half circle (moon) glass on top and then for the regular window I have a curtain with sun/moon fabric.  I thought it made a nice back-drop for today's daily.  I used to be really, really into celstrial stuff in my decor.  Remnants remain, but I don't add to the collection too much anymore. 

The red glow to the fabric in the daily is from the Picasa neon filter.

Here's a pink tinted version of the daily.

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And the real fabric.

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I took a couple of pics of the grandfather clock (from my father's house) with  the curtain and light creating neat reflections.

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The shot below is the weights (is that the right word?) with the curtain reflecting on them through a glass panel.

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Donnie and I  have errands to run late afternoon, so I hope to get a few parting shots of Jennifer around town and then send her off to her next destination tomorrow.  We're starting a cool down today which kicks into earnest tomorrow and is also scheduled to bring several inches of rain.  We really need the cool down and the ability to go outdoors without instantly sweating again.  Yesterday for exercise we resorted to using the xBox Kinnect Adventures game inside with AC! 

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