Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's Raining It's Pouring

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It poured yesterday afternoon and more rain is expected over the next 3 days.  Woo hoo except that it cuts down on the light and therefore my outside photo ops.

I was standing in the garage watching Donnie and Johnny working on Teen's flat bicycle tire when I took the daily of my birdbath splashing in a heavy downpour.  (The boys are home from their trip with their dad now.)  Donnie's very skilled at fixing things, and he's patched several bike tires already this year.  We read an article or saw a news show recently that talked about how today's kids aren't learning to fix anything.  Many cars are too hard to work on these days; I think car repair used to be a great how to use tools opportunity.  The world is so fast paced that we're all in must do mode instead of taking time to show and do with kids.  It was nice to see Johnny who is interested in all sorts of tech stuff interested enough to pay attention and Donnie patient enough to slow down and explain a few things to him.  I just love the reflection of their work showing up in both vehicles.

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Here's a wider view up the driveway.  You can just barely see the blue birdbath on the right.

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Joey asked Donnie to teach him cards today.  As in playing cards.  Hard to believe, but the boys had not played Go Fish, and that's the game Donnie chose.  What fun!  Madi showed up for a while too!  She was glad to see 'her' boys.  It did my heart good to hear all the laughter and see all the smiles at the table.  Sometimes it's life's simple pleasures.

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Major Mom said...

Love both Johnny helping to fix a bike, and Joey playing Go Fish. My Mom is the one who really got my boys into playing board games and card games recently. We were playing Uno and Rummikub late into the nights while she was visiting!

Dave is hoping that when we stop moving around all the time, he can get an old car (1960s Mustang, hopefully!) to work on with the boys. Yay for Donnie working with the boys!