Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lion at the NC Zoo

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After my MRI yesterday, the procedure went fine but I don't have results yet, we took off to the NC Zoo.  I'm off this week doing activities with the boys during their fall year round school track out time.  Unfortunately, we're having an atypical October rain pattern-(  Thankfully, it was only cloudy at the zoo and not actually raining.  Today we have light rain, though.

Each time we go to the zoo, we're always delighted by a few of the animals and disappointed by some of the others.  Yesterday the polar bear was off exhibit and the river otters were sleeping.  Both of those things we disappointing.  But, the lion, gorillas, and chimps were all active and very enjoyable.  I can still hear Johnny giggling over his interaction at the glass with the gorilla and Joey shouting, "Mom!  Mom!  The lion is roaring!"

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I decided to show you a tonemapped picture of the lion today.  Maybe tomorrow will be the gorillas or some of the pretty flower pictures I took.  A pretty yellow sunflower variety was out all over the zoo.

Here's a collage of some of the most heartwarming pics to me of us enjoying the zoo:

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