Saturday, August 1, 2009

Red-Bellied Hummingbirds

I took a few pictures out of my office window yesterday morning. I wanted to capture all of the woodpeckers that come to my suet feeders. I have several red-bellied woodpeckers including some super cute and bald (very little red on head) juveniles. They aren't small in size, but you can tell they are just kids. There are downy woodpeckers too, but no good pics of them yesterday.

I also went to the back deck and caught the male ruby throated hummingbird. Apparently the female uses the front porch feeder and he owns the back deck feeder. Hey, whatever works.

I hope to try again at these locations some afternoon when the lighting may be even better for picture taking. I had to set my camera on a tripod for these.

The rest of the pics are here including some of Johnny opening up his 'I am 5!' b'day gifts. Oh, and there's a cute drawing Joey did of his family at school.

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