Monday, March 3, 2008

A Hike at Yates Mill

The boys and I met up with Dave, Jacob and Timmy at Yates Mill Pond on Saturday for a hike. Patricia is working down in SC, and all the kids needed some good fresh air and exercise. It was a pretty day with temps in the low 60s by late afternoon.

Dave and I spent most of our day seeing the kids running ahead of us on the trail. See the picture below.

I took the picture below for Patricia. "Hi, Mom!"

Inbetween being competitive about getting to the trailmarkers first or leading the hike, the kids shared a lot of hugs, hand holding, and happy moments. If only we could get Joey to hug just a little more gentle.

Timmy and Johnny walked hand-in-hand for a godd while. Cute!
When I'm at Yates Mill Pond, I take a lot of pics. The rest are here. I was mostly having fun with the kids, but I did take a few nature shots. We also went to Lake Wheeler Park afterward and fed the ducks too.
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