Monday, March 3, 2008

He Did It! He Did It! He Did It Yeah!

Those of you familiar with Dora and Diego are now happily singing one of their theme songs:-)
Joey lost his first tooth before school this morning. Yippie!

Last night before bed, he got brave and let me touch the tooth with my fingers covered by a piece of toilet tissue. He said the tissue would keep it from hurting. I asked him if I had permission to try to yank it out. He was very motivated for a visit from the tooth fairy, so he said yes. I yanked on it twice with my thumb and index finger with no luck. It bled a bit and was loose but wasn't coming out.

This morning, Joey gave me permission to yank on it again. It came out the first time. It was veyr loose at that point and almost laying sideways, so it came out pretty easy. He and I were so proud:-)

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