Monday, September 15, 2008

Halloween Party Invites

I really wanted to use my spooky Halloween fence stamp, so I tried to think of how I could incorporate it into a Halloween scene. I came up with what you see. I wish my haunted mansion stamp was more like The Munster's house (wider), but it'll do.

I showed the sample to Joey this morning, and he liked and agreed to help me make more.

I had prestamped the cut-uts. Joey and I set out to cut them out; he cut out one set, and I did the rest. Then he used other stamps to finish decorating on the inside while I assembled. It was good teamwork.

Of course we've made these so early we'll need to hold them for a while before mailing, but...

The rest of today's pics are here. Joey made a lot of other nice crayon drawn cards for his mom tonights, and I took some pics of those.

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Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

The invitations are so cute!