Sunday, September 14, 2008

Decorating Continues

The boys and I continued putting up Halloween stuff in the house this morning. After putting up the first pass of stuff that I got down from the attic, both boys were begging for me. It was hot today, and it was no fun in the attic, but I got down a few more things.

The gypsy was my after Halloween clearance find of the season last year. Joey isn't sure about it; Johnny thinks it is great. It has a motion sensor, and 'she' says some interesting things.

Teddy bears got Halloween sweaters.

The seasonal garland went up in the kitchen too.

After a trip to Target, Joey had fun drawing Domo and his friends (made up by Joey). I guess Domo is Target's advertising 'guy' for the Halloween season this year. He was everywhere in there.

And, last but not least, Joey and I put together the approx. 500 piece Lego Scary Laboratory set (1382). It is soooooooo cool. It has lots of moving parts including a spinner for a skeleton and a teeter totter type thing for Frankenstein.

All the pics are here.

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