Friday, July 4, 2008

Raven Rock State Park

I took the boys to Raven Rock State Park midday today. Joey was there once before as a toddler with Rick, but he didn't make it to THE rock that day. I hiked it once before with some friends, but it was pre Joey. Today, it was hot and buggy and we went down the wrong trail to start, but I'm proud to say that we did make it to Raven Rock. I told Joey and Johnny that some things in life that are worth doing turn out being hard to do. But, it should feel good to stick with it (giggles).

After Raven Rock, I promised the ClubWorx pool. This was our first trip this year. It seems that July 4th is usually the first weekend we go. Johnny really enjoyed being able to hang out at the steps and walk around the 2 foot section. It was a refreshing end to our sweaty hike.
Tonight at bedtime, Joey thanked me for taking him to THE rock even though he was walking slow:-)
All the pics are here.

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