Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Turkey Vulture

Joey and I were driving to Lake Wheeler this morning on our way to school, when I spotted a large bird in a tree on Old Stage Road. I always look at the dead and bare trees near the new bridge just North of Hwy. 42 to see if there are any birds of prey. This is the first time I've seen one. It turns out that it was a turkey vulture. He's not the cutest bird I've ever take a picture of, and he was so busy grooming that he was hard to get a good shot of, but he's kindof neat.

Once we got to Lake Wheeler, we got to see Great Blue Herons at several locations too. Joey fed the ducks and geese and was very happy to be my helper.

I took pics with the 400mm lense first and then with the digital camera. Joey even got to take a few pics with the 400mm lense. I think those pics are gonna be really good...just need to develop them...grrrrrr.

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Christina said...

I started to check out your pics at Picasa... I love how you document your life with beautiful pictures! One day, your sons will thank-you for all of this! :-)
Your blog has a serene (sp?) feel to it... put me in a happy mood! I'll definitely add you to my Sweet & Tasty Blogs! :-)