Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maryann's 40th Birthday Party

I came back from yard saling with Debbie on Saturday morning to a surprise party in honor of my 40th birthday. Apparently, Rick had been planning and scheming with Patricia, Debbie, and Christine and others for quite some time about what to do for my 'big' day. Rick got the lunch food and cooked up burgers and hotdogs for everyone. Christine ran errands and brought back balloons. Debbie kept me out while they set up. Patricia made a wonderful birthday cake with a collage of pics of me throughout my life. And, Dad drove up from Monroe. All my closest friends were invited. It was really nice! Thank you to everyone!!!

More pics are here: Maryann's Camera, Dad's Camera, Don's Camera, and Patricia's Camera. Also, the making of the cake is here.

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