Saturday, May 31, 2008

Marbles Kids Museum

The boys and I had another fun day with Patricia, Timmy, and Jacob at the Marbles Kids Museum. All the pics are here. I put a lot of comments with the pictures, so you can get a good idea of what we were up to.
The most fun for me was watching Joey and the kids play mailman. Joey REALLY got into it wearing his costume for over 15 minutes. Johnny even put one on! Patricia wrote a really sweet letter to Jacob, and on his own, he wrote one back to his mom. Break my heart it was so cute!
Johnny also had fun being an ambulance driver and making the red light spin. Timmy had fun playing with the babies and carrying them around all swaddled up.

Everyone really came alive for the water area. Let's just say that the new arrangement allows the kids to have a little too much control of the water:-) The kids were wet and thrilled.

Joey said his favorite thing was building a dam with rocks in the outside water area. He was fascinated (and hoarding the rocks). Thanks to Patricia for getting him started.

All the boys loved the huge pirate ship! We were there for over 15 minutes too. Joey was having a tug of war with the anchor, and the other kids were washing the decks and raising the flag.

The car race area was also fun. Jacob really put some effort into building his race car and trying various models and techniques to build a car that would not only stay together but also go fast. Meanwhile, Joey was thinking his car won every race whether it did or not.
Before we knew it, we'd spent another fun 4 hours!

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