Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zoo Trip

Joey, Johnny, and I took a trip to the NC Zoo in Asheboro on Friday with Patricia, Jacob and Timmy. This is our last trip before they move to Nebraska later this year. We were glad to get in one more visit with them since most of the times we've been to the zoo we've gone with them. And, all of those times have been really happy ones.

We got to the Africa side around 10:30AM and left the North America side around 5PM. Wow!!! 6.5 hours at the zoo. It was a blast. We saw everything except for 2 buildings. The weather was warm but not too hot. Whew...

The kids were mostly well behaved and really enjoying the day and the animals. The kids enjoyed the water mister trees, ice cream cones, pictures with the statues, the water painting exhibit, and a trip to the souvenir shop! The otters and seals put on just the best shows. All the kids, but especially Johnny, were giggling with delight. Johnny tried to stop at every water fountain at the zoo. Timmy crashed for a while from too much fun. Jacob did an excellent job reading the signs along the way and studying the animals. And, Joey was his typical silly self (witness his feet in the water barrel picture).

Patricia tells me there is a big zoo near where they are moving. Maybe we can visit some day!

The rest of the pics, and there are some good ones, are here.

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