Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Wheel Is Turning!

The boys and I visited Yates Mill Pond again today. We've been so many times recently that I've forgotten how many times we've been now. Besides being a gorgeous 60+ degree day, they were running the water wheel and actually grinding corn today. For $5 (kids under 6 are free), the boys and I were able to go inside on the ground floor and learn a lot of cool facts about the mill. We saw how the mill grinds corn up close:-) It was really quite fascinating to hear the tour guide talk about the mill even if the kids were spinning around like tops for part of the tour. Of course the highlight for me was getting to take pictures of the mill with the waterwheel turning. Wow! And double wow! We walked the loop around the lake and spent a few minutes inside the 'museum' building too. Nice:-)

On the way home, we stopped by Lake Wheeler Park to feed the ducks. The seagulls ended up coming over too (that's never happened before at the fishing pond). Of course I took more pictures.

Enjoy the few pictures imbedded below, or go here for the rest of the pics.

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