Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Picture Comparison

Dad was in town this past weekend. One of the things we did on Saturday was take a drive and take pictures with our cameras. I have a Canon Powershot G3 that takes 6MP pics. Dad has a Canon EOS 40D that can take up to 10MP pics. I gave Dad his first digital camera for Christmas, a reasonable Canon, and he's traded it in for this big gun.

Can you tell which camera took which picture? Dad had his camera set to take about a 6MP picture too.

OK, Dad's camera took the top picture, and mine took the bottom picture. They were taken a few minutes apart, and I actually took both of them. Off hand, the quality seems about the same, but I like the blue color in the G3 shot better.

I have to admit that I did like the feel of Dad's camera. He had a nice zoom lense mounted out it, and it was heavy and professional feeling. Good for nature shots. Not good for kids' parties.

You may have noticed lately that I've had a few nice pictures that weren't horizontally level. I've had trouble seeing well enough on the LCD or through the view finder to get them level. You can't really use the LCD to take pictures Dad's, but the view finder has such a nice, bright picture, you can really see to line up what you're taking pictures of.

There are more pics from our outing here and here.
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Don Miller said...

I compared the rectangle thing hanging down from the peak of the metal structure on the top of the taller tower and I agree that they are both very close in resolution. Your Dad's camera was 2816x1880 and yours was 2816x2112. In yours I could tell the three holes were actually square shaped. In your dads they looked round. So assuming the holes are square then your cameras sensor was just a tad better... But it would have been interesting to compare the the 10meg image to your 6meg. I don't know if the 6meg mode is your Dad's camera is just a down sample of the 10meg images which just means the software compressing the images didn't do as good a job.

Major Mom said...

This post finally stopped showing Hurricane Relief ads, and now they're for digital camera retailers. nice!