Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time for the Tooth Fairy...Almost

Joey winced in pain last night and this morning when I brushed his teeth. I was alert enough this morning to ask him to let me see what the problem was. It turns out one of his lower middle 4 teeth is loose. Even though Jacob lost a tooth last week, I just wasn't prepared. Thankfully, he is excited. I asked him to please bring it to me if it falls out but explained that if it gets lost (swallowed), that we'll just write the tooth fairy a note and all will be well. I could just see him crying in horror that he'd missed out on his money because his tooth was lost.

Joey's first tooth was a bottom one, and it came in at 3.5 months (early) before I was even on the lookout for teeth. He'd been fussy for a few days (we was not a fussy baby), and Debbie suggested that I look in his mouth for a tooth. Not only did he have one, but it was 1/3 of the way in. No wonder he was upset. Sore gum for sure! Others followed quickly. None of them ever caused him to be very fussy. I think I only gave him Tylenol 2-3 times for all his baby teeth!

Here's a cute pic of him around the time the tooth came in.

Here's another around 6.5 months where you can actually see two bottom teeth in.

Yep, they grow up:-)

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