Sunday, October 26, 2014

GeekMom Review Assistants

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I took this cute photo while I was working with Johnny to review a book about Lego brick building for GeekMom.  More coming on that soon!

Most of my time lately is spent on First Lego League.  For every hour we meet, it takes about 2 hours outside of meetings to get ready.  We met 4 hours per week during trackout, and now that the kids are tracked back in, we're back to meeting 90 minutes a week BUT we're behind in our preparation for Regionals on 11/8, so now we're trying to meet 3 hours a week. There's a lot involved from robot programming to challenge question investigation to understanding all the rules.  It's been a fun but challenging ride so far.  I look forward to competing and then taking some time to breath and refocus.

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