Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fuquay Fireworks

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We got to the Fuquay firworks tonight just as they shut things down due to rain from Hurricane Arthur.  Boo!  Johnny was so disappointed to miss going on all the inflatables.  We would have waited it out, but the radar showed steady rain on the way, so we went back home.  Double boo!  At 8:20 the town set the fireworks off anyway.  That was at least an hour early.  We ran for the car and watched them on the street behind our house which has a mostly open view.  This is the best shot I got through the rainy windshield.  We have more fireworks photo ops the next two nights, so I'm trying not to be too bummed.  Still...

Here are my wet boys leaving the festivities at South Park.

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Johnny at the mall today riding a 'train'.  Electric;-)

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And one more cute shot...Reading Time.

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Anonymous said...

We got there as everyone was leaving. We thought the fireworks had been postponed due to the rain. Glad I found your post, or we would have been there tonight looking for fireworks! We'll go to Raleigh instead.