Thursday, June 12, 2014

Permanent Marker Tie Dye

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The Fuquay-Varina Library had an after school program today about chromatography.  They had the kids use empty plastic yogurt cups and rubber bands to make work areas on white shirts (child provided) and then use Sharpie markers in lots of fun colors to draw designs.  Afterward, they used a plastic pippette to apply rubbing alcohol to the designs to watch the color spread.  The kids made fantastic designs, and the shirts turned out great!  Pictured for the daily is Joey's shirt.  Here is Johnny's shirt (I guess my hand blocked the flash because the lighting is off).

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Another child had this shirt too.

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The girl shirts were very pink:-)  I gave Joey the 'name' idea.  I'd like to make one with butterflies.  Thankfully the librarian sent us home with the yogurt cups and I have plenty of Sharpies.

After the rubbing alcohol is thoroughly dry, run the shirt in the dryer on high for 15 minutes to set.  Wash separately the first time.

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