Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas...Another Card

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This is another shot from our Sunday night drive to see lights in our area.  This house has the lights dancing to music and is really fun to watch.  I get a tad frustrated at this location because along with the typical Christmas lights there are a whole bunch of lollipop looking real RR or road lights.  They are so powerful when they flash on and off to the music and it can really be an issue when trying to get a good exposure on the regular lights.

See what I mean.

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My daily was made from two shots.  The real tree is next to the big lighted tree, but I didn't get a shot where they both looked their best at the same time.  I pulled the lighted tree from another shot where I thought it looked great and overlaid it on another shot of the lighted and real tree.  I've darkened shadows a bit to hide seems and boosted the lighted tree colors just a bit.

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