Saturday, October 19, 2013

NC State Fair Enterprise

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I had a great time yesterday at the NC State Fair.  Donnie and I went around 4pm in the afternoon, walked nearly 15,000 steps, and left around 10pm.  We didn't ride any rides, but we did enjoy some ice cream from the NC State Howling Cow.  We also visited Madi's mom, Christine.  She is working for Lu Mil Vineyards in the NC Agriculture area (Kerr Scott Building), and we stopped by to visit her twice. The main reason we went was because I had a strong desire to take pictures of the rides and lights at night.  Donnie was THE BEST carrying my tripod, camera bag, and all the freebies we picked up along the way.  Plus, he was patient as I took over 800 shots.  What a guy!   I missed the boys not being with us, but the fair is so expensive with kids, and there are so many other things we can do instead.  Plus, they get so frustrated with me taking 100s of pictures.  It was a lovely evening just hand-in-hand with Donnie.  Look for more fair pics for my daily photos this week.

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