Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Global Cardboard Challenge

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The Museum of Life and Science in Durham is participting in the Global Cardboard Challenge.  The boys and I went on Tuesday, October 1st which was the first day of the 5 day challenge.  The museum staff collected a wide variety of cardboard in all sorts of shapes and sizes and set up in the Mercury Room.  The kids were given cardboard fasteners and cutters from Makedo and encouraged to build with the cardboard.

Each day the idea is to build something new and or add to what has already been built. I thought we'd build a robot like we're working on for Johnny's Halloween contest, but the boys wanted a fort.  There were several Tempurpedic mattress boxes, and we set out to build the walls to our fort.  Since those boxes were tall and wide but not very deep, we used two and connected them with the Makedo hinges.  Our fort had a regular window, a window hidden behind a flap, a door, and a tunnel.  The boys added a phone, and I added a robot.  We built a dog named Rover which was inspired by the Makedo packaging pictures.  Johnny even added a periscope:-)  The boys were having such a good time, they we stayed in the Mercury Room builiding for 5 hours.  I asked a couple of times if they wanted to stop for lunch, and they said no.  Now that is engaged!  

Look like fun?  Head on ovver through Saturday the 5th and see what you can create!

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