Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Many Faces of Fall

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The boys and I drove past The Country Market Store after school yesterday and turned around to stop and enjoy their fall displays and merchandise.  Who could miss these awesome face baskets!

We went inside to find Amanda painting away.  Yep, they are handmde.  Each face is unique in it's own way.  She said that she tries to do 25 a day and that most seasons, and she's been doing it for years, she makes 3000.  Gulp!

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The boys talked me into getting one with a greenish tinted face. You  may remember that Johnny's favorite color is green.  I think ours is going to go on our covered front porch.

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There were many baskets to choose from and lovely mums available to put in them.

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The basket featured as my daily shot was hanging up outside.  I pp'ed it quite a bit to remove some background clutter and a stray metal clip.

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