Monday, September 23, 2013

Kid Meet Kid

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We had a unique opportunity yesterday to tour several farms in our area.  The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association hosted the Eastern Carolina Farm Tour.  27 local farms were open for tours Saturday and Sunday from 1-4.  $25 for a car button that would get you into as many farms as you could get to.  We didn't go on Saturday because of Bubble Blitz, but we made it to 4 farms on Sunday.

At Bull City Farm, the kids were treated to a lot of hands-on animal contact, and they were thrilled. We saw cows, horses, sheep, hens,  and donkeys.  I didn't know, but female donkeys are very good at helping to project sheep from wild dogs nd other predators.  How you ask?  Well, they will kick:-) The boys went intot he hen house and helped to gather eggs and enjoyed meeting 3 day old calves.  We left with a dozen fresh eggs.

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Just a few miles down the road, we stopped at Prodigal Farm.  Lots of goats here since their speciaity is goat cheese.  We toured the dairy and learned about how they milk the goats, handle the milk, and mke the cheese.  Very informative and they  had free samples.  We bought some marinated feta in olive oil.  Yum!

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Joey loved the baby goats, kids, and the one goat was equally delighted with him.  In my daily, the goat is giving Joey a kiss:-)

We also went to Hundred Acre Wood Farm.  A retired doctor, Farmer Jim, talked to us about his saw mill and the animals on the farm.  We took a lovely walk through the woods to get to the pastures and really enjoyed the fall day.

I got a cool writing spider and coleus shots at this farm.

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I really liked this puddle shot too.  The sky was so pretty yesterdy.

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All in all it was a very nice afternoon.  I hope we can do the farm tour again next year and mke it to some of the other farms on the tour.

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