Saturday, June 15, 2013

First Butterfly Capture of the Year!

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In the last few days, the butterfly bushes in the area and at Donnie's house have started to bloom  Yippee!  I am more than ready to start taking some butterfly pictures.  Granted, I don't have a lot of time right now due to the move preparation (to Donnie's house) that's underway, but I'm hopeful to have some opportunities I can take advantage of.

I was fortunate to spot this American Lady on the butterfly bush beside Donnie's driveway today.  Camera in hand, I snapped as many shots as I could before she flew off.  I liked this one the best of the bunch and have cropped it 16X10 and used it as my new Facebook cover photo as well as for my daily photo today.

There were two other exciting critter happenings yesterday.  First, we saw the bluebirds nest building in the bluebird box they used earlier this year.  The babies were back with them helping.  I haven't seen ANY of the bluebirds since the day the babies fledged, so I was very glad to see them.  Here's momma with nest building materials in her mouth.

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Second, we had a deer pass through the yard today.  I got this shot through the bathroom window which unfortunately has a screen on it.

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The painting really is coming along well.  We painted blue primer on the main bathroom and dining room today.

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We'll be putting the real paint, which should be about the same color, today.

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