Monday, April 15, 2013

Bluebird Eggs

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I took this picture of the eggs in Donnie's bluebird nesting box today. These boxes are designed to use a nesting cup that you can very carefully lift out and then put back. I feel sure they will lay another egg tomorrow. The first clutch is usually 5 or more eggs. Subsequent clutches, and we find they usually have 3 per year, sometimes have less eggs.

Donnie noted that this is the latest the birds have ever laid eggs. I agree.

I have 5 eggs in the nesting box at my house too. They are a few days ahead of Donnie's nest. Hoping for more pictures including baby pics soon.

This site shows the timeline for when the babies should hatch and their development.

Our household consolidation/move is going well. We are constantly busy packing things up and moving things over. We've got ceilings to fix and painting to do before we move over the major items. We're done with the add shelves in the attic phase, so that feels good.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maryann,
Nice picture of the bluebird eggs. Did they all hatch? I know it has veen since April but have you gotten another brrod in that smae box?

I started a blog several weeks ago, some post about bluebirds, take a look.

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