Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Loud Red-Shouldered Hawk

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I was walking back and forth on Donnie's driveway yesterday trying to get steps on my Fitbit.  The driveway is 400ft. and has several inclines so it is a good work-out.  I can pick up about 2K steps without too much effort.  I might even grab the mail some days:-)   Lately I have carried my camera around my neck every time I've gone for a walk but come back with no pictures.  Did I take it yesterday?  Nooooooo not yesterday:-(  What was I thinking!  Note to self not to slack up and to continue to have camera with me at all times.  I didn't even have my phone camera...geez!  I was lucky, however, and was still able to get some shots once I ran and got my camera.  We can pretend the extra fast sprint into the house for it was part of the exercise program.  Meanwhile, Donnie continued to wash his car and enjoy our beautiful sunny and 70+ degree day.

BTW, there was no way to miss this big red-shouldered hawk because he was so incredibly LOUD!  I was able to follow him as he moved from tree to tree.  Please enjoy the still taken from the HD video as well as this shot of him and his mate and the video below where you can hear him near the end.  Hope to see more of him/herand maybe they'll nest close-by too!  We've seen him/her for several years on and off now and each time is a treat!

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I apologize again for the technical quality of the shots.  The light was winter dim and He was 50' up and 75' away at least.

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